Feel Guilty About Having Casual Sex? Watch This

Casual sex often gets a bad rap — especially when it's women having it. As the above video from Science of Us demonstrates, though, casual sex can confer both physical and emotional benefits. And it's a myth that women aren't interested in it. (They are, however, more likely than men to factor the potential for slut-shaming and threats to their safety into their sexual decisions.)

As the video explains, whether casual sex improves your quality of life depends on your "sociosexual orientation." In other words, how you feel about having sex outside of a relationship determines whether you should have it — which, well, of course. How we feel can often be difficult to separate from how friends, parents, or pundits feel, however. Remember, though, that casual sex is neither "good" nor "bad," as long as you're being safe. You do you.
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