Is This Why Neville Longbottom Went From Zero To Hero?

Okay, remember how at first, Neville Longbottom was bad at magic? Turns out, there might have been a mighty good reason for that. Those steeped in Harry Potter lore likely recall that a wizard doesn't choose a wand. A wand chooses a wizard. Knowing this, a teenage fan from Ireland pinpointed one thing that could have gotten in the way of Longbottom becoming a good wizard. When he arrived at Hogwarts, the fan realized, Longbottom was using his dad's wand. (The fact that the wand belonged to his father, Frank, gets mentioned in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth book in the series.) No wonder the wand never listened to a word Longbottom said — it was never his to begin with. To add to that fact: It was only after his inherited wand was snapped in half that his wizarding skills truly began to get on their way, leading him to becoming a guy capable of fighting Lord Voldemort — not to mention making this super-rad and inspiring speech on behalf of good's triumph over evil. Good on ya, guy.

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