This Indian Village Won’t Let Single Women Own Cell Phones

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Imagine not being allowed to own a cell phone. Not just going on a tech diet or ditching your smartphone in favor of a more basic model, but actually being banned from owning a mobile device. That's the case for unmarried women in one village in India. Officials in Suraj have reportedly prohibited single women, as well as minor girls, to own cell phones. Women who violate the ban can face a fine — The Hindustan Times reports. Those who report violators to authorities will get a cash reward. There are some exceptions. The cell-phone ban doesn't apply to women in college, according to UPI. Girls are also allowed to use cell phones at home with their parents' permission. Village leader Devshi Vankar is reportedly trying to promote the ban as helping women, rather than as being a sexist policy. Vankar told The Indian Express that the ban will protect women from men who "acquire their number and harass them or try to lure these innocent girls [to danger]." Vankar also told The Hindustan Times that without the distraction of cell phones, girls can better focus on their schoolwork. See more on the ban in the video below:
Indian Villages Are Banning Women From Using Cell Phones

Women are banned from using cell phones in some parts of India

Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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