Oops: Chrissy Teigen Accidentally Put Her Number In New Book

Photo: MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock.
Well somebody screwed the pooch on this one. (And my shameless use of that disturbing idiom will become more appropriate in a moment.) Today, expecting mom Chrissy Teigen explained that her phone number accidentally made its way into the early printed copies of her new cookbook, Cravings.
So, how does one accidentally publish such sensitive information? You can blame her dog, Pippa. On the pup's collar, in very tiny print, is Teigen's phone number, in case she ever got lost (the dog, not Teigen). The 30-year-old figured out what was up after receiving "100 or so calls" from strangers.
It sounds like everyone was calling with good intentions, at least. "I have since changed [my number], but thank you for all the kind voicemails!" she tweeted. And thanks for the hilarious blunder, Teigen and publishers. Here is the offending page, but good luck making anything out without a magnifying glass.
And here are Teigen's good-natured tweets explaining the situation to everyone.

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