Dr. Luke Takes To Twitter To Deny Kesha’s Allegations

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The Kesha-Dr. Luke legal battle has galvanized the music industry. She’s had some initial roadblocks, as in a key ruling that went against her on Friday, but has also garnered significant support. Dr. Luke’s lawyers have said, in a statement, that she’s free to produce music without her alleged rapist (gee, thanks). But Kesha’s contention has been that Sony wouldn’t support such a release with adequate PR. Dr. Luke himself, real name Lukasz Gottwald, has finally spoken publicly on the allegations. Needless to say, he denies them categorically. He’s tweeted many times, including a denial of a charge by Lady Gaga and court documents that include an on-the-record denial of roofie use. He also tweeted statements expressing outrage at the accusations:
Dr. Luke takes the predictable step in flag-wrapping with his mother and sisters and of calling into question the feminist credentials of Kesha’s representation. First of all, even rapists have mothers (and sometimes even sisters), so it’s hard to see how that would be a significant piece of evidence either way. Second, it’s a little ridiculous and completely beside the point to say that Kesha’s lawyers hate women because of previous representations. Lastly, he does have a good point that this case should not be tried in public. Of course, that horse has fled the barn and the barn appears to be on fire, so it’s a little unclear what he hopes to gain by calling for the barn door to be shut. As public statements go, this is an anodyne one. The hope is that the matter can be resolved justly and Kesha can get back to making good music. Taylor Swift reached out with a large legal donation to aid Kesha’s fight for release from her Sony deal and, although it hasn’t been 100% popular, it seems to have inspired others in the Swift camp to offer help. Jack Antonoff, who collaborated with Swift on “Out of the Woods," tweeted an offer to help Kesha produce music today. Antonoff is also signed to a subsidiary of Sony, but it’s unclear whether or not this would fall within the traditional bounds of Kesha’s contract.
Though the production might not help her financially, it would help rekindle a star that has somewhat dimmed since the release of her sophomore effort, Warrior. Jezebel has an excellent account of Kesha and Dr. Luke's relationship, which seems to have been fractured more or less from the start.

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