Twitter Is Finally Getting Searchable GIFs

We're creeping closer to a time when all human communication can be conducted via GIFs, and we're not going to lie, it's super exciting. Will you ever be able to convey joy more clearly than with a moving image of an ecstatic, smiling Kermit? And Twitter is about to make your quest for clear communication easier by introducing a GIF searching function today. Through a partnership with Riffsy and Giphy, Twitter will be able to supply all the GIFs you could possibly need for subtweeting and hashtagging. The update comes by way of a new GIF button. When you're composing a tweet or direct message, you can tap it to search and browse a built-in GIF library. You can search GIFs by keyword, or scroll reaction-based categories, such as "happy dance," "mic drop," or "YOLO." So your feed might become slightly GIF-heavy this week. But what's a little visual clutter when you can add a dancing cat to your tweet with such ease?

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