Sia Out-Rihannas Rihanna, Reveals Her Belief In Aliens In Latest Carpool Karaoke

Whatever you think of Sia's face-obscuring wigs and mysterious image, there's no denying that the girl can sing. The Australian singer-songwriter trotted out her powerhouse vocals in the latest installment of The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke last night, and we still have "Chandelier" stuck in our heads. In addition to poking fun at her vision-blocking wigs (the awkward high-five at the clip's end is hilarious), Sia joined James Corden in belting out hits like "Titanium" and "Diamonds." Yes, that's a Rihanna hit, but Sia is the one who wrote it, and damn if she doesn't sing her heart out. Sia also opened up about her choice to hide her face, which she says gives her a "modicum of privacy." She calls her wigs "head hugs," but that's not the only quirky thing about her. She can also balance a dozen eggs in her outstretched hands. Then there's the matter of her belief in aliens. "I only believe in them because I watched a video of an ex Canadian minister of defense just saying plainly, he knows for a fact that the America government is working with five different alien races," she explained to Corden. "And my blood ran cold. I was like, that guy is the ex Canadian minister of defense. He's not just some guy on YouTube." Okay then. Watch more of Sia's eccentric interview, below.

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