Update: Amy Schumer Responds To Taylor Swift Thigh-Gap Feud

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Update: Amy Schumer posted a new photo to Instagram a short while ago. In the picture, Schumer has a fake beard, and she's wearing a short, blonde wig. Again, it's the caption that makes the post noteworthy.
"That's not a beard, this is a beard. So sorry to anyone with a beard this may offend. I am a comic and should never make fun of myself at the expense of anyone else that I wasn't making fun of in the first place. #relax #beard," the caption reads.
There's a lot to unpack here. Schumer doesn't overtly mention Taylor Swift, but the first line is structured in the exact same way as the caption on Schumer's thigh-gap post, which does mention Swift's name. Schumer then tries to deflect attention from the whole thigh-gap feud/potential Swift body-shaming situation with the joke about offending people with beards.
Schumer asks followers to remember that she's a comedian, so not only was the thigh-gap comment not making fun of Taylor Swift, it was a joke at Schumer's own expense. If people can't bear that in mind — or if they're offended by the beard in her newest Instagram post — then they probably don't get Amy Schumer's humor.
Taylor Swift has yet to comment on the thigh-gap situation, although she did offer an update on another Grammys snafu in which she was involved. After Chris Stapleton called her confetti out in his Best Country Album acceptance speech, Swift tweeted, "@ChrisStapleton I glitter-bomb because I care."

This story was originally published on February 15, 2016, at 10:40 p.m.:

About 45 minutes into the Grammy Awards, Amy Schumer — who clearly wasn't in attendance at the February 15 show — posted a very odd photo on Instagram. Well, it's not actually the picture that's odd, it's the caption. The photo is really quite run-of-the-mill. Schumer and a pal, who if we had to guess is most likely comedian Bridget Everett, are on a beach somewhere. Schumer is standing behind her friend with her arms thrown in the air. Her legs are separated, which is why she probably finds the caption funny.
"Taylor that's not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap," Schumer wrote alongside the snap.
Now remember, Amy Schumer wasn't at the Grammys. Still, she might have caught a glimpse of the red-carpet photos as they rolled in, seeing as they immediately become internet and social media fodder. Perhaps she caught a glimpse of Taylor Swift's daring bandeau-and-skirt ensemble, which prominently displays her legs. Or maybe, Schumer watched Swift's "Out of the Woods" opening performance, during which she wore a skintight black bodysuit, which also displayed the singer's lithe frame.
The timing of Schumer's beach photo and sassy caption directed at Swift, who certainly looks lean in each of her Grammy getups, is definitely suspect. Schumer's Instagram followers definitely noticed in the comments.

Taylor that's not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

"[A]n exfan. you should be able to celebrate yourselves and your bodies without putting down those with different body shapes," @gravespinner commented.
"[T]hat's rude. Can't we get rid of body shaming? You saying that is like a person calling you fat, and I'm sure you wouldn't like it. It's people like you and Hollywood standards that keep girls from feeling comfortable in their own skin," noted @misscaptivating2016.
This actually isn't the first time Schumer, or someone adjacent to Schumer, has called out Swift's body. Comedian Nikki Glaser, to whom Us Weekly refers to as "Amy Schumer's BFF" in this November interview, joked that, "[Taylor Swift is] too skinny, it bothers me. You have to have a thigh gap to hang with her." Sure, Glaser meant it as a joke, but even off-hand remarks hurt. Imagine if someone said the same thing about an overweight person or someone that was "too ginger." When you flip the script to something that we're more stereotypically atuned to perceiving as rude and negative, it's not so nice to be on the receiving end, even as a joke.
Schumer's Instagram caption might add more bad blood (sorry) to an already touchy situation with Taylor Swift. In December 2015, Schumer appeared in Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's SNL "Bad Blood" parody. Swift famously isn't too fond of Fey and Poehler after they joked about her staying away from Michael J. Fox's son at the 2013 Golden Globes. Swift responded by telling Vanity Fair that, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women."
Is Schumer being unsupportive of Swift in this Instagram caption?

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