What Happens When You Drop An iPhone In Melted Crayons?

In one of the weirdest video ideas ever, Taras Maksimuk, creator of TechRak, decides to destroy an iPhone 6s in the worst way possible. In this experiment, Maksimuk melts the expensive smartphone in a pot full of melted blue crayons.

Not only does he destroy the phone, he destroys blue crayons from multiple boxes. How will he ever color the sky in an adult coloring book now? Maksimuk — who has attempted similar experiments with Jell-O — melts the crayons into a thick wax and tosses the phone into the gooey concoction.
The iPhone hits the frying pan's bottom with a thud. Maksimuk then begins moving the phone around like it's scrambled eggs as he excitedly explains that his kitchen now smells like wax.

Of course, the phone catches fire. It's metal being dropped in a pan of wax. The pan bursts into flames as the phone continues to fry in the kitchen sink. The kitchen doesn't catch fire, but the iPhone splits open. The phone, of course, is completely destroyed.
None of this is surprising for those who've passed basic chemistry, but it's still cringe-inducing to watch.

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