All The Reasons Why Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo Isn’t Out Yet

Where is The Life of Pablo? Kanye West, not exactly one to take a bullet for his colleagues, took to Twitter on Friday night to blame collaborator Chance the Rapper for delaying the release, which was originally scheduled for Friday.
Chance wasn't exactly denying it, either. In fact, he seemed kinda proud of it.
And all that honesty makes us wonder if that was the only reason for the delay, since most people assumed it was done when he played it for the crowd at MSG (and streamed it on Tidal) during Thursday's NYFW Yeezy Season 3 show. Here are some other possible reasons we've surmised for Pablo's delay. 1. He's been really busy rehearsing for SNL. Here's hoping that in addition to performing new tracks, he can showcase his acting skills, like he did in this promo:
2. He had to pen a last-minute track inspired by Rihanna's Puma show.
3. He was working really hard on Adobe Illustrator to create this cover.
4. He had to take Kim to see Hamilton. 5. He was embroiled in a DM Twitter war with North over his beef with Taylor Swift. 6. He was deliberating over whom to rant about next on Twitter.
7. He bricked his iPhone by setting it back to 1970.

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