Gwen Stefani Explains That Blake Shelton Wasn’t Staring At Her Butt In “Super-Embarrassing” Picture

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Gwen Stefani and her beau, Blake Shelton, make for one undoubtedly hot couple, but it's not all sexy glances going back and forth. (Though, who could blame them?) No, sometimes it just looks like they're checking each other out when really, it's just watching an embarrassing moment unfold. At least, that's how Stefani explained it when she stopped by the radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday. According to E!, when host Ryan Seacrest asked about a paparazzi photo in which it looks like her man main and co-judge on The Voice is staring at her butt, she had an explanation for the whole thing. (See the not-so-scandalous picture question, here.) Stefani said it was a "super-embarrassing moment," though not for the reason you might think. The singer said, "Try to picture being a mom and going to a football game on the weekend with your kids and being surrounded by 30 cameras." She continued, "I was literally going across the field, like trying to stroll, get into the car, and just being completely swarmed and doing it as fast as I could. I literally opened the back of the truck and all the groceries fell out, the eggs cracked...and I'm trying to rush, because everybody's watching me and yelling. Not just that, but all the other parents are getting mad." So really, Shelton was just watching the chaos unfold and his eyes were actually somewhere other than his lady's backside. Stefani further explained, "I'm trying to open my door and I open the door and like, not one, but two basketballs and a football fell out. So he was looking at the balls." There you have it, folks. One of the great mysteries of our time has been solved! You can listen to the clips here if you need to hear it for yourself.

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