The Hardest Quiz You’ll Ever Take: Is This Butt A Body Double’s Or The Real Deal?

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Is there a more universally appreciated body part than the all-mighty posterior? For men and women, young and old, gay and straight alike: We all enjoy a great butt. Hollywood understands this about people.
Fortunately for movie stars, baring their own buttocks on the big screen is optional these days. Some actors are more than happy to share their fanny with their fans. Others prefer to keep their cheeks to themselves and employ a derrière double. While we fully support either choice, it's hard to tell which booties are authentic — and which are the work of tight-assed stand-ins and seamless editing.
Here are 20 lovely bums in all their cinematic glory — but(t) can you guess which ones are the work of a stunt double, and which ones are true tushies ? Let's get to the bottom of the matter. It's time to learn the naked truth.
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