This Sugar Ray Mommy Workout Video Will Make Your Morning

There are certain things you can't imagine yourself ever doing until you become a parent. Wiping baby poop off the walls. Busting out the "if your friends jumped off a bridge" line. Dancing to Sugar Ray with an infant strapped to your chest, in public. Lo and behold, that last one is just what a group of moms in San Diego are doing in everyone's favorite new viral video. KangaGroove has shared footage of its mommy-and-me, kangaroo-inspired dance class, and we can't look away. Sugar Ray's 1997 hit "Fly" (never forget) gets the ladies and their babies moving. Mommies sway their hips and pump their arms, while their tots get lightly jostled in their baby carriers. The choreographed moves also include line-dancing and baby-cuddling. What's not to like? Good on these moms for discovering the ultimate baby fitness hack. Can we request a Third Eye Blind "Semi-Charmed Kind Of Life" tribute involving pelvic thrusts on the "baby, baby" line?
*FLY* Line Dance (created by Meeshi Ravi)

Holy matzo ball soup...what an A-MA-ZING class today! Thank you all for going the extra mile and dancing your hearts out today. Music by Sugar Ray ft. Baby Evan (on guest vocals at the end). We love you all! <3

Posted by KangaGroove on Friday, February 5, 2016

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