Kendall Jenner On The Naughtiest Thing She Did In High School & How Dogs Should Wear Pants

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Kendall Jenner, for being a supermodel, is somewhat out of the spotlight. She doesn’t have her own show, like Khloe. Or date a controversial hip-hop figure, like literally every Kardashian not named Kris. She mostly just does her work as one of the most prominent living supermodels and then retires to the shadows with rumored beau Harry Styles. The star opened up just the tiniest crack to Love magazine in a brief video Q&A. She leads a pretty typical life for a world-famous 20-year-old supermodel. Her typical day consists of, “Usually working or on a plane or something. If not, I’m getting up, I’m hanging out with friends. I eat and I look at puppies.” The worst thing about herself: “Absolutely nothing. I’m totally joking. There’s a lot of annoying things about me. I’m really shy at first. I don’t really like it. I wish I was a little more outgoing.” The famous fictional character she compares herself to (with remarkably little hesitation): “Dora the Explorer." Her pick for best musician is not exactly surprising, but it is recently controversial: “Yeezy. Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy. Cannot wait for that album. Waves.”
On what she finds sexy: "Sexy is confident. Ooh, tattoos are sexy. So many things." The naughtiest thing she did in high school: "When I was at high school, I used to pretend that I had work and I would go and tell the head of school that I like really needed to leave, and I was really stressed out because I had work. Then I would just leave school, and I'd bring Kylie with me, but she didn't get permission. I would just leave school and go hang out with my boyfriend and like go get food and just do absolutely nothing." Her opinion on the pants-on-dog viral meme: "A dog would wear pants on just his bottom half because his top half is arms. They're not legs. Okay? It's dog arms." Her phone screensaver will be catnip to CaKe shippers: “I have two phones: One of them is a dog with a gun in its mouth because he's cool, and the other one is Cara, and Cara has me. So, say you were holding up both phones, like we would be looking at each other.”

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