Watch: If Men Had To Deal With Women’s Birth Control Woes

This video from Above Average is a glimpse into an alternate reality that will never, ever be. In this world, men deal with the same kind pressures, responsibilities, and health issues that women do for birth control. In this strange land, the pressure comes from Big Condom, the industry that's seemingly ruining men's lives. In the satirical video, the fellas commiserate about their condom woes over beer pong, bemoaning the pressure they face from their doctors, the risks they take by exposing themselves to spermicide — "a.k.a., sperm poison" — and, most obnoxiously, how they must shell out up to 75 cents per condom used. All this (plus the added insult that you have to remember to wear one every time you have sex) has led one of the guys to announce he's done using condoms for good. The video cleverly illuminates how much women pay, search, and fight to have accessible birth control, while starkly contrasting those troubles to how easy it is for men to pick up condoms. Its ending hurdles us straight back into the reality we know, when the brave young man who's sworn off condoms explains exactly what his girlfriend had to do to make this possible for him. We won't spoil it, but it involves a chemically frozen cervix.

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