This Woman Invented A Robot That Applies Your Lipstick & It Is Awful

Have you ever applied your lipstick and thought, This is awful! Using my own arms and hands is terrible! Well, one YouTuber might have the solution.

Introducing: the lipstick robot.

In a super-short, 6-second video, Simone Giertz tries out her latest robotic invention: a uArm robot she's programmed to hold an open tube of lipstick and apply it to her lips. According to CNET, uArms are basically miniature versions of the industrial robot arms you see in car factories.

Giertz sits absolutely still as the robotic arm pushes red lipstick across her mouth — and then her nose, chin, and cheeks, too. All this before the lipstick actually break off and falls into her hair. The end result is a beauty look fit for the Joker.

Basically, this lipstick robot will not be making its way to Sephora anytime soon.

According to the Daily Dot, Giertz is a self-described “expert in shitty robots." And that's clear from her other YouTube videos, which take mundane tasks that require humans to use their arms and transform them into tech fun with robots. What kind of tasks, you ask? Brushing your teeth, eating your breakfast, and waking up.

Giertz actually invented an alarm that wakes you up by slapping you in the face repeatedly.

While the robots themselves may be in need of a few tweaks, you've got to love the enthusiasm for technology and the original thinking. Now someone go perfect that lipstick robot!


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