6 Super Bowl 50 Facts To Know Before The Game

Photo: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images.
Are you pumped for the big game? Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday, so gather your corn chips, smear some dark lipstick on your cheekbones, and get ready for some football! Or if you choose to bypass it entirely and go watch the Kitten Bowl, that’s an entirely valid option as well.

Those of us who are getting ready for the pigskin playoff generally fall into two categories: super-enthusiastic sports fans or the casual watcher who is more enthusiastic about the queso dip than the quarterback. Either way, we've got you covered! From the entertainment talking points to a few big reasons why this game is important, all levels of sports enthusiasts and pop culture mavens can fake their way through the Super Bowl with these handy facts.

So kick back, heat up those nachos, and rest easy. For every kind of fan out there, here are six things to know to bluff your way through Super Bowl 50.

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