You Won’t Believe What They Used In Danny’s Hair On Grease: Live!

There are very few things that shock us in the beauty world, what with all the semen facials and body-hair oracles out there. But one of the hair products they used on last night's Grease: Live! actually surprised us. Ana Gasteyer, who played Principal McGee in the show, sent the below tweet while everyone was too busy hand-jiving to notice:
Yes, ladies and gents. That's a bottle of generic lube — and it helped make the cast's hair, well, extra-greasy.
Even though we found this revelation to be hilarious, it's not too out of left field. Lubricating jelly has long been used as an off-label hair product. "This definitely works, and it's totally safe," says Matt Fugate, a hairstylist at the Serge Normant salon in New York City. "It adds a lot of shine, and it will have the smallest amount of hold. It doesn't get crunchy." This actually makes it perfect for a live performance of epic proportions — you get all the shine of a gel, without the stiffness.
Fugate says that lube even adds a touch of moisture, as long as the product is water-based. Most of the benefits are minimal (aside from the mega-shine), so you may not want to start slipping Astroglide through your strands every morning. "It's great for girls in a pinch who are staying at their [partner's] house and have no hair product," he says. "It's great for taming flyaways, it helps hair have a very awesome curl pattern, and [it helps it] look more moisturized." We'll never look at our favorite sex accessory the same again.

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