22 Times Harry Styles Said It All With His Eyes

One Direction is parting ways. It’s devastating, we know. On the bright side, we no longer have to tiptoe around about playing favorites, or wage war with our colleagues over which one looks best in skinny jeans and which has the best boy-mane of all time. We can just come right out and say it: Harry Styles, who celebrates his 22nd birthday February 1, is the only direction on our compass.
Sure, the English-born singer has hair any beauty editor would kill for, and a smile that could melt polar ice caps. But if Styles were to have a superpower, it would undoubtedly be related to those eyes. Maybe they’d shoot drones out of the sky with lasers, or just silently communicate that you look nice today and can he borrow your face serum?
In fact, Harry’s peepers already do most of the talking. They’ve shared with us his hopes and dreams, his most burning questions, and his darkest fears. All we have to do is listen. Ahead, 22 times Harry said it all with his eyes.

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