Surprising Tumblrs You Had No Idea Were This Good

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People are usually either obsessed with Tumblr, or pretty unfamiliar with the almost nine-year-old platform. For those unfamiliar, Tumblr is basically a virtual mood board.
Imagine that friend you have who has the best Instagram feed. It's always full of perfectly lit sunsets snaps, edgy OOTD photoshoots, and mouth-watering food spreads galore. That is what Tumblr is. All the time. Except times a million, and with a healthy dose of weird stuff involved. If Instagram is Cher Horowitz, then Tumblr is Tai.
If you are already a Tumblr devotee, then you already know all of this and have a slew of amazing pages you follow that provide you with inspiration whenever you visit their page (which, by the way, we would love to hear about in the comments!)
In addition to the diversity of content across the thousands of Tumblr pages, did you realize how many celebrities have Tumblr pages? It's okay if you didn't — most of these pages are pretty under the radar.
Between Beyoncé's exclusive content, Kylie Jenner's fashion obsessions, and Lorde's Q&A's, it's safe to say you need to bookmark all of these pages stat.
So let's get tumbling.
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John Green

In addition to writing movies that make us bawl our eyes out (see: The Fault In our Stars), the much-lauded figure in the YA community has an active tumblr. He's notorious for participating in threads about him with humor and grace.
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Photo via Tumblr.

Fergie shares exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes clips from her music videos on her personal site, hosted by Tumblr. We could all use a little more Fergie in our lives.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Frank Ocean

The elusive Ocean has a pretty active Tumblr account. It's a cool way to peek inside the brain of the talented singer, song writer, and performer.
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Photo via Tumblr.

Yes, Zayn has a Tumblr. Yes, it's all moody pictures of him from editorial photoshoots. Yes, there are also music videos. You're welcome.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Portugal The Man

Fans of the rock band will be happy to see that they consistently update their Tumblr page. The group shares pictures of themselves hanging out when they aren't performing.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Cleo Wade

We love Cleo Wade. The poet and lifestyle muse always seems to say the right things in the most adorable way. This Tumblr collects all her poems and writings and posts them daily.
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Photo via Tumblr.

NASA is a celebrity figure in its own right. The Tumblr for the space agency is literally out-of-this-world with awesome videos, pictures, and information about the great beyond.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Rowan Blanchard

The Girl Meet World actress shares fresh music, stylish images, and even pens thoughtful essays.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Rachel Zoe

The stylist and fashion designer's Tumblr is dedicated to — what else? — clothes. She features her full collections as well as other looks that inspire her.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Britney Spears

Britney's Tumblr is a trip down memory lane, all guided by the queen of pop herself.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Kylie Jenner

I know what you’re thinking, “Do we really need another platform to see Kylie Jenner?!” But relax! Hers is a pretty normal teenager’s Tumblr, full of edgy photographs, runway looks, and other cool fashion inspiration.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Cara Delevingne

Cara is surprising really active on this page and it totally reflects her goofy personality. Just look at the Heinz Beanz background image.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Taylor Swift

All the more material to add to your TSwift shrine, Swifties. She also reposts a lot of fan videos and comments, so this might be your big chance to interact with the “Bad Blood” HBIC.
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Photo via Tumblr.

Remember that song “1 Thing” from 2005? I bet you do… but did you know that in the meantime Amerie has been building an empire with Youtube videos, books, and more? Allow her to reintroduce herself.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Anthony Bourdain

More writing heavy than food porn heavy, unfortunately. But Bourdain gives an inside look at his worldly travels. A must-visit site.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Aziz Ansari

"Aziz is bored" is the name of the comedian's site. In his pre-Masters of None boredom he created this blog to share updates on his projects, and encourage followers go watch and read all his stuff. This is probably less true now since the Netflix series and book debut, but we hope he keeps up with it like he did when he was bored.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Ariana Grande

A lot of selfies and girly pictures. No doughnut, though.
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Photo via Tumblr.

Technically this links to her personal website, but it's on a Tumblr platform which is good enough for us. If you like Bey, love Bey, or are straight-up obsessed with Bey, this site gives you an all-access pass. We're talking snapshots from one of the most private celebs in the biz.

To get back to Tumblr, let us not forget this amazing personalized account made in 2012 for baby Blue Ivy.
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Photo via Tumblr.

So the banner artwork is pretty, um, interesting, but the “Adult Cat Finder” in the corner — whatever it is — is hilarious. The singer uses the site to post a myriad of music videos to satisfy every taste.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Ingrid Michaelson

Titled “Blog Time Fun Time,” Michaelson’s blog has a lot of unique tattoo inspiration and “You Can Do It!”-esque quotes.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Coco Rocha

This model and new mom’s feed is mostly pictures from fashion spreads and of her adorable daughter. But like, that’s all you need.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Eli Roth

This horror/thriller film director, producer, writer and actor has a fittingly dark site, but it's very interesting if you follow with the lights on.

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Photo via Tumblr.
John Mayer

John Mayer is a bit of a drifter. He’ll be back though. For now, it’s mixture of black-and-white photography, exclusive clips, and announcements. There’s even a couple songs hidden on there too.
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Photo via Tumblr.

This page is basically Lorde’s mood board. She also gives advice to fans, and shares personal content — like what her favorite song of the moment is.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams of Paramore has a page that provides viral, quirky, and entertaining posts. Think Buzzfeed as seen through the eyes of a rock 'n' roller.

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Photo via Tumblr.
Lucy Hale

So Lucy hasn’t updated hers in a while, but we have confidence that once A is out of the picture, she’ll get back into tumbling. How cute is that first mom and sis photo though?
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Photo via Tumblr.
Keegan Allen

This PLL actor is really into photography in his time off-screen, and it shows here on his site. Follow to see what pictures he likes, and what memes make him LOL.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Shay Mitchell

Shay’s world is full of exotic places, adorable animals, and admirable artwork.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Amandla Stenberg

The young feminist, actress, and comic book creator has a blog of equal inspiration. It features pretty moments, and touches on heavier topics, too. There is girl power a plenty.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Soulja Boy

A Tumblr in which there is a tab called “Vibes$$$” as well as a lot of pics of tattoos. It’s mostly just pictures of DeAndre Cortez Way (a.k.a. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em) and his crew, but it’s pretty interesting.

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Photo via Tumblr.
Jhené Aiko

This singer-songwriter from California (refresher music video for you here) loves sharing an inspirational quote or two, and some trippy GIFs.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is known for his airy, ethereal voice but he brings the funnies on his site. He also shares what music he is currently listening to, providing followers with sweet melodies (and, Missy Elliott.)
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Photo via Tumblr.
Lana del Rey

Dreamy snapshots and clips from the singer's musical repertoire.
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Photo via Tumblr.

If you don’t know Vashtie, you should. In addition to her regularly updated Tumblr (featuring behind-the-scenes photoshoots, travel pictures, and epic OOTDs) she has been popping up everywhere as a DJ and model. But really, she’s been killin’ it since 2011.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Kelly Oxford

Oxford is a comedy writer, and an accomplice of Nicole Richie. On Tumblr, she’s like your weird best friend that you know will appreciate a tag in every bizarre Instagram post you come across.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Moisés Arias

Try not to freak out, but little obnoxious Rico from Hannah Montana grew up to be an amazing photographer. His Tumblr feed is full of beautiful behind-the-scenes photographs of his friends which include Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and even Bella Hadid & The Weeknd. Just go ahead and click 'Follow' now.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Alicia Keys

All of the Grammy winner’s favorites, from viral pictures to personal photos to Instagram posts, are all collected here.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Charli XCX

Warning: These pictures will make you want to party with the “Break The Rules” singer ASAP.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

An adorably nerdier, but super inspiring, side of JGL is revealed on his hitRECORD-dedicated Tumblr account.

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Photo via Tumblr.
Karlie Kloss

The supermodel, baker, and student gives us more of a glimpse into her glamorous, yet also homey life, full of cooking, runways, and quirky videos.
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Photo via Tumblr.
James McVey

This singer's Tumblr is more a of a blog than a visual page. McVey really lets people deep into his thoughts. And it’s kind of wonderful.
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Photo via Tumblr.
Troian Bellisario

This Pretty Little Liar has a pretty little Tumblr page full of dreamy images that may incite immediate wanderlust and imaginative thoughts.
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Photo via Tumblr.

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