Why Lizzie McGuire Is Still Relevant To The Life Of Every 20-Something

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
Note: This post was originally published on Jan. 12, 2016. With the return of Lizzie McGuire to Freeform this month, we thought we'd celebrate with this ode to Lizzie. Enjoy!
Lizzie McGuire premiered 15 years ago on January 12. Let's get the pressing "just how old am I?" questions out of the way first. Lizzie star Hilary Duff is 28, her son is 3, and today's preteens were born after The Lizzie McGuire Movie came out.
But just because you haven't seen a mass of kickballs descend on Duff in years doesn't mean the classic Disney Channel show isn't still relevant to your life. Like Lizzie, you still have moments of panic around your crush. There are days you're sure that weird thing your hair is doing is the only thing anyone is looking at. And you still have nothing to wear.
Now the only question is which Lizzie McGuire song is a better soundtrack for your 20s—"What Dreams Are Made Of" or "I Can't Wait." There are no bad options there.

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