If Classic Disney Films Came From The Universe Of Tim Burton

Illustrated by Andrew Tarusov.
The styles of Tim Burton and Disney couldn't be more distinct — or different. Burton is known for his dark worlds featuring long, skeletal figures with sunken eyes, while Disney is about bright colors and rosy cheeks.

But one L.A.-based artist married the two worlds to create Disney classics in the style of Tim Burton masterpieces.

Illustrator Andrew Tarusov has created a 10-piece collection, called What If Tim Burton Directed Classic Disney Movies? The series features 10 of Disney's most beloved classic fairy tales, but with a Tim Burton twist.

This isn' the first time Tarusov has dabbled in the world of Disney. His website features several other series, including a Disney villains pinup collection and a Disney princesses pinup collection. Tarusov has also painted a series of aged cartoon characters. You can find Disney's Mickey Mouse in a wheelchair with an elderly Minnie by his side.

Tarusov spoke to Refinery29 about what inspired him to bring Tim Burton and Disney together, and how he creates his illustrations.

While Tarusov doesn't have any prints just yet, you can download HD and Photoshop files of the series, and his other work, here.

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