7 Times This Adorably Worried Cat Was All Of Us

Every once in a while, an animal Instagram feed surfaces that is so adorable, it hurts. You scroll through the page, but you eventually have to look away because the cuteness is just too overwhelming.

But our new friend Bum takes the cake. At first, he appears to be your average cat, until you gaze deep into his cross-eyed stare.

The little feline is currently taking over the internet because of his permanently perplexed facial expression. His owner Courtney adopted him from the San Diego Humane Society in 2014, and despite the silly face, he is very smart and loving, as she told Love Meow.

Bum's pondering eyes fit so many real-life scenarios, so we decided to illustrate all the times we definitely made the same face.

Dog may be man's best friend, but I feel a kinship with Bum. I see big things in this tiny guy's worry-filled future.

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