Here’s Everything Coming To Netflix In February

Oh, happy day! Just when the Northeast is digging itself out of winter storm Jonas' massive snow dump, Netflix has given us a reason to put our shovels down. That's right: Put those snow boots away and get back on the couch. Well, whip up some hot chocolate first and grab a blanket. There's really no need to go outside until the snow melts, is there? Heck no, because Netflix is dropping a whole new slew of movies and TV shows for us to burrow down and enjoy.
What's in the pipeline? Why, just the 1998 *classic* Armageddon, which proved that Ben Affleck does make a convincing romantic lead, Steven Tyler should definitely be crooning over complete planetary destruction, and Bruce Willis is going to save us all. Oh, and when you're done not missing a thing (see what we did there) in Armageddon, watch Cruel Intentions, the movie during which Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe fell in love both on-screen and off. Plus, Sarah Michelle Gellar as the bad girl of the Upper East Side? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
Just in case you missed the second part of the final season of Mad Men (shame), that's also hitting the 'flix on February 5. Honestly, we're not leaving the house 'til spring. When you see the rest of the list, you probably won't, either.

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