The Newest Member Of This Husky Pack Is A Little Unusual

To all those people who endlessly complain that all news is bad, listen to this: A trio of huskies in California has adopted an abandoned kitten into the pack, and the world is officially a brighter place.

Rosie, the stray kitten, was malnourished and underweight when Lilo, the leader of the husky pack, began serving a surrogate mother, according to ABC News. The dog's owner, Thoa Bui, said the pair developed a mother-daughter relationship, and now Rosie mimics everything that the big dog does.

“When she saw Lilo and the dogs went outside to potty, she started doing the same,” Bui said. Rosie even insists on being taken along on walks with the dogs, on her own leash.

Bui’s cousins, who live down the road, are the owners of the other two dogs, Infinity and Miko, who are Lilo’s siblings. When Bui introduced Rosie to the other dogs, the kitten quickly became part of the pack. “Since Lilo is their leader, Infinity and Miko just accepted her, and now they’re all good friends,” she said.

Pack life seems to suit Rosie: The once-skinny kitty is now a fully-grown cat who loves adventuring with her canine compatriots. She and Lilo have their own Instagram and YouTube, where Bui and her sisters post photos of the adorable quartet. You know, if you need another cute-animal fix.

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