Naya Rivera Made A Controversial “White Girls” Joke

It's so hard to make a diversity joke these days on social media, especially when you have over one million followers. Just ask Naya Rivera.

Last night, the Glee alumna Instagrammed a screenshot from a conversation with an unidentified friend. In it, pictured below, Rivera suggested they should've just "gotten cocktails instead" because "that's how white girls get movies lol." She captioned it, "Pretty much... #diversity"

Pretty much...#diversity

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Photo via Instagram.

It's unclear what Rivera meant since it is out of context within the conversation, but it has sparked a new conversation between those who found the picture harmless, and those who found it offensive.

Many of her followers saw the humor in her joke. One commenter on Instagram, rochacha88, said "Not racist at all. People just cant take a joke. And its so easy to insult by social media. @nayarivera i am with you and i will defend you."

Others on Twitter got a bit more aggressive tweeting at the actress, "don't delete/apologise for your last Instagram post, who cares if you hurt their white feelings."

And a majority were upset at Rivera putting down "white girls" to make a joke. Instagram user patrish90 said "Rude. Tearing down one set of people to try and lift yourself up isn't going to get you far. And let's not try to act like anyone knows what the other has gone through. All people know are stereotypes perpetrated by the media."
Photo via Twitter.
Rivera herself intervened on the flood of comments on the post, telling everyone to calm down.

Photo via Instagram.

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