Whole Foods Has A One-Day Deal On ALL Of Its Organic Cheese

Photo: Courtesy of Whole Foods.
January 20, is National Cheese Lover's Day. (Yes, National Cheese Lover's Day and National Cheese Day are two different days.) And to celebrate, Whole Foods is offering customers a special deal. This one will probably have us stocking up on more cheese than we know what to do with.

On January 20, only, Whole Foods will be offering a 20% off deal on all of its organic cheeses. Seriously, ALL of them. Organic cheese is often on the pricier side, so the offer is a great opportunity to try something new. Plus, Whole Foods carries upwards of 1,500 varieties of cheeses across its stores, so there definitely won't be an issue finding something you've never tried before.

Whole Foods has been giving customers a lot of deals lately — all part of the chain's plans to appeal to customers with less expensive offers on organic ingredients. If that strategy continues, we can expect to get even more special sales from the supermarket in the coming months. Keep 'em coming, Whole Foods!

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