The Ultimate Food Infographic For Lazy Girls

We've teamed up with cheesemonger Pam Brewer (founder of Affiné fine cheese), to crack the code on finding your unique cheese "personality."

The Emergency Situation
: You promised to bring a dish for a holiday meal or party, but you: A) Totally forgot
B) Procrastinated too long
C) Can't be bothered
D) Burned your dish beyond repair
E) All of the above
The Solution: Don't worry; all is not lost! You can bring an awesome cheese plate. Forget the anxiety and indecision — just answer the questions below to discover four cheeses that will send you straight to dairy bliss. Keep all the cheeses to about a quarter pound each, and you should remain within the price range of about $20 to $25 for the whole plate. Consider your holidays solved.
Designed by: Isabelle Castillo

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