This Fuller House Teaser Will Give You All The Feels

Netflix has finally given us a glimpse into what Fuller House will actually look like — and it's a nostalgia goldmine.

The streaming service has released several teasers ahead of the Full House sequel, which will debut on Friday, February 26 — all 13 episodes are set to hit the web at once — but until now, we haven't seen much of the Tanner clan. However, the new teaser trailer features the original Full House cast members, and it looks like the whole family is reunited (minus Michelle, of course).

Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier all appear in the Fuller House teaser released Friday. In addition to the original cast members, the new Fuller House team — the actors playing Kimmy and D.J.'s children — also appear. Unfortunately, the trailer is just 14 seconds long, so we still don't have a ton of hints about how all of the family members will interact with each other.

The show's plot centers on Stephanie and Kimmy moving in to help recently widowed D.J. raise her family, so it's safe to say that plenty of family antics (and heartrending moments) will ensue. Plus, D.J.'s family is living in the Tanners' San Francisco home, which means that there should be plenty of nostalgia-based moments in the new show. Check out the new teaser for yourself in the video, below.

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