Thursday’s GOP Debate Was The Most Outrageous One Yet

Photo: Chuck Burton/AP Photo.
Primary debates on both sides of the political aisle are always memorable. Candidates are usually quick to insult each other's viewpoints, and things tend to escalate fast. But Thursday's GOP primary debate was wilder than normal, and it wasn't just because of the candidates' arguments with each other. The seeds of the debate's surrealism were planted when Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got into a fight about birtherism. Trump suggested that Cruz isn't eligible to be president of the United States because he was born in Canada, while Cruz reminded him that the Constitution hasn't changed, and he is still a natural-born citizen. From there, things only got more and more ridiculous. Trump proceeded to use the, "I have Muslim friends" argument for more intellectual participation before arguing that America has lost between four million and seven million jobs because of China. Trump said that China is "killing our companies." "I love China, I love the Chinese people, but they laugh," Trump said at the debate. "They cannot believe how stupid the American leadership is." And, of course, there was Ted Cruz's statement about "New York values," which Trump was quick to shut down. Cruz argued that New Yorkers are usually liberal, as he's referenced Trump's alleged "New York values" in the past. Unfortunately for Cruz, Trump used the discussion as an excuse to bring up New York's recovery after 9/11, which earned him applause from the audience. 9/11, birtherism, Ben Carson falling asleep — Thursday's debate had it all. It's hard to imagine the Democratic debate on Sunday will be this entertaining, but then again, that's probably a good thing.

When you low-key throw shade and get away with it.

Posted by Refinery29 on Thursday, January 14, 2016

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