That NorCal To SoCal Bullet Is ACTUALLY Happening

Photo: Zhang Peng/Getty Images.
What's faster than a plane, train, or automobile? A Hyperloop. First outlined by Tesla founder Elon Musk in 2013, the mythical, magical, super-speedy mode of transport looks like it's actually becoming a reality. The Hyperloop isn't a train. It is a series of tubes that would shoot a pod filled with people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a matter of 30 minutes. In a car, that trip currently takes five to six hours; on a plane, it's a less-than-90-minute flight. The depressurized cylinder would shoot pods along at 700 mph. This sounds pretty crazy, but Hyperloop Technologies CEO Rob Lloyd told CNNMoney the basics are simple: You remove the pressure by creating a closed environment and remove the friction by levitating the pods, which allows them to travel at an "incredible speed." CNNMoney got a look at the tubes that will enable this super-speedy transport — you can check them out in the video, below. They're currently being assembled in the Nevada desert for initial testing. If all goes to plan, the Hyperloop could become a reality as soon as 2020. But considering the failures, delays, and other general problems with the expansion of California's mass transit, this seems incredibly ambitious. However, the hope of jetting between SoCal and NorCal for roughly $100 each way that fast? Be still, my weekend adventure plans.

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