This Video Shows What It’s Really Like To Be Instagram Famous

Seeing a wave of notifications scroll across your phone can make you feel super popular. But you've probably have never felt quite as popular as Instagram user Demy de Zeeuw. De Zeeuw, a football player from the Netherlands (that's soccer for folks in the U.S.) runs the Instagram account 433, themed for the sport. The account boasts over 8 million followers. (De Zeeuw's personal account has a still impressive following of over 89,000.) In a video posted to his Facebook account on Sunday, first discovered by TechCrunch, De Zeeuw shared what it looks like when a user with such a big following, as he put it, "post[s] epic content." The resulting onslaught of push notifications is equally epic — they seem to filter through at the speed of light. Obviously, he must normally have push notifications for Instagram turned off (he'd never get anything done otherwise). But it must be comforting to know that when he needs a little ego boost, he can switch them on, and just watch all the likes pour in.

When you post epic content on 8 million followers, this is how your pushnotification will look like.. ☕?

Posted by Demy de Zeeuw on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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