Buffalo Is So Cold That A Car Turned Into An Ice Block

Defrosting the car just took on a whole new meaning. This December may have been unseasonably warm for 29 states, but some parts of America are still experiencing serious cold this season. And in Buffalo, New York, it's apparently cold enough for cars to completely freeze into ice blocks.
A photo of a frozen car near Lake Erie is going viral on Twitter this week. The car's owner, Justin Yelen, told Buffalo's WKBW that he left the car in a parking lot overnight and rode home with friends after a night of drinking. "I hope summer comes soon," Yelen told the news station. At least he's taking on a positive attitude about the situation, since his car likely has sustained severe damage from the ice.
As for thawing the car out, Yelen's father told WKBW that Justin likely will have the car towed to a warm garage to defrost it there.
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Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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