Netflix Hack Reveals The Secret Movie Genres You’re Missing

Photo: Moviestore Collection/REX Shutterstock.
Next time you Netflix, use this hack to access a whole slew of secret genres you never knew you were missing. According to Gizmodo, the genres Netflix provides for you are just a starting point. You can actually get even more specific by typing in your own codes. Basically, these numbers will help you curate your Netflix beyond specified genres like "strong female lead." When you log in to the site in your web browser, you'll notice that the URL looks similar to this: That number at the end there can actually be changed to access a specific sub-genres — according to The Atlantic, there are over 76,897 unique genres — that may unlock films you've never even heard of based on genre, director, or actor/actress. There are sites dedicated to logging the codes that will help you find alternate genres, like "campy movies," which features Valley Of The Dolls, Barbarella, and Grease 2, starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Use code 6384 to find "tearjerkers," like Ghost and Nicholas Sparks' Best Of Me. Type in 36103 for "quirky romance," which features films like Amelie, Silver Linings Playbook, and Miranda July's Me And You And Everyone We Know.
Go wild and try to find your own genre by entering a bunch of random numbers. Typing in 225 gives you "Movies Starring Chuck Norris," which sadly offers up only two titles. 507 unlocks "Coming-of-age drama based on books." Who knows what adventures typing some random numbers in could bring you!

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