This New Form Of Male Birth Control Is Blowing Our Minds

Ever wish you could control a man's ability to procreate with the flip of a switch? Well, German craftsman Clemens Bimek sure did, so he invented the "Bimek SLV," or as NowThis calls it, the "dick switch." It's a valve designed to "obstruct the release of sperm cells during ejaculation" when connected to spermatic ducts in the testes — like a temporary vasectomy. (After creating the device, Bimek was the first brave volunteer to have it implanted.) The fun (?) part is the switch that can be toggled through the scrotum skin. Just remember that pushing the switch down toward the testes closes the valve, and pushing it up toward the abdomen opens it, meaning sperm will be a-flowing along with semen (it would be a shame to mix up these directions). According to the Bimek SLV website, the best time for switch-toggling is "when the scrotum is soft and loose, for example, during or immediately after taking a warm bath." Paying attention, gentlemen? For a visualization of how Bimeks' male birth-control brainchild works, watch the NowThis video, above. Note: The video erroneously states that the device "interrupts the flow of semen" when it, in fact, blocks the release of sperm. As NowThis points out when acknowledging the error on its Facebook page, there is a "vas deferens" between the two. Heh. Heh.

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