This Adorable Giraffe Calf Will Make Your Day, We Promise

This story was updated with details from the Warsaw Zoo on January 8, 2016.
And now, for something majorly adorable: This giraffe was born in captivity, at the Warsaw Zoo, in late November 2015.
A representative for the zoo shared with Refinery29 via email that the calf — who has been nicknamed "Wobbly" for now — is the last offspring of a beloved male giraffe named Largo, who passed away before this zoo baby was born.
After a difficult labor, the mother, Lissy, had a tough time feeding her newborn. So instead, the zookeepers have gone the bottle route. Is this as nature intended? Nope. Is it incredibly sweet? Absolutely.
"From first sight, we decided that we would do everything for this little guy to survive," shared Warsaw Zoo's Agnieszka Czujkowska. "He had massages, and we lifted him up to exercise the circulatory system — pretty much every 3 to 4 hours — for first few days. That means every day there was someone staying with him for the night."
The first few weeks of life weren't easy. "Luckily he was eating, and gradually got strong enough to stand, but not walk, on his own. A few days later we saw his first steps," explained Czujkowska.
"He requires constant attention," she added. "But we have —hopefully, knock the wood — overcome the worst. Still, there might be some problems ahead of us."
We're rooting for Wobbly to stand strong on his own!

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