This Is The Porn Women Searched For Most In 2015

Photographed By Alexandra Gavillet.
It's that time of the year again: Pornhub has just published its "Year In Review" report of users' viewing habits, complete with analysis from Laurie Betito, PhD and sex therapist. And what a year it was, folks. Pornhub streamed an average of 75 GB of data per second and 4,392,486,580 hours of porn over the course of 2015. (That's 2.5 times longer than homo sapiens have been roaming the earth, as Pornhub notes.) Notably, the proportion of female viewers is creeping up: 24% of the site's 2015 viewer base is female, up from 23% the previous year. "This number will likely keep increasing as more and more women are feeling empowered about their sexuality and experience less shame in liking sex," Dr. Betito hypothesized to Pornhub. "More and more women are also more open about masturbation (doing it and talking about it!)" The proportion of female viewers varies widely from country to country, though. While 23% of Pornhub's American viewer base is female (up from 21% in 2014), women account for 44% of viewers in Jamaica, the country with the highest proportion of female viewers. (It's that sexual healing.) As for what we're watching, a resounding favorite rings out around the world: Woman-on-woman. "Lesbian" topped the list of favorite search terms among female viewers, as it did the year before, followed by "threesome," and "squirt;" male viewers, meanwhile, searched most for "step mom," then "teen" and "milf." And in the U.S., we were all into celebrity sex last year — or at least we tried to find it. "Celebrity sex tape" enjoyed a 553% search increase and made a 39-spot jump in the rankings, becoming the country's 12th-most-searched-for term. The term with the biggest jump in 2015, though, was "hardcore lesbian scissoring," thanks to a 918% search increase. Excellent choice, America. Click through to Pornhub (This specific page is safe for work!) for the full results.

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