You Can Finally Share Live Photos Beyond iOS

Photo: Courtesy Facebook.
Live Photos are fun. On the iPhone 6s, instead of snapping a normal picture, Live Photos lets your phone record a (roughly three-second) GIF-like video clip. Up until recently, your ability to share these moments with friends and family was incredibly limited — but not anymore. Starting today, Facebook iOS app users can now share Live Photos to anyone in their feed.

Live Photos are denoted by an icon with concentric circles in the corner. On the iPhone app, iPhone 6s owners can press anywhere on the image to make it come to life. For those of us on other phones, we can tap that concentric circle icon to play the Live Photo. To upload, just add a photo as you normally would, but press the "Live" button in the lower right-hand corner to ensure it uploads the full loop and not just a still image. Then, you can add a caption and post to your Timeline.

As usual, Facebook is rolling out this feature with a small number of iOS app users today. More and more people will gain access into the New Year.

Facebook isn't the first to (finally!) integrate Live Photos. Just last week, Tumblr also added them to its iOS app and website. Before that, Live Photo sharing was exclusively available to iOS 9 users.

GIFs and videos are taking over social media, so it was only a matter of time before apps started allowing Live Photo sharing, too. I can't wait to blast out all the live clips I've been taking of my cat these past few months. Brace yourself, world.

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