Facebook Will Improve Your Social Life With This New Feature

Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central.
First, Facebook helped you connect with friends. Then, it made it super easy to let friends know about events and parties you might be throwing. But now, Facebook just made a major upgrade to its Events feature. What exactly does that mean? It means that Facebook has become your official, personalized party planner. According to TechCrunch, if you have iOS, you're in luck. Facebook's new Events browsing feature lets you search for events with extreme precision. You can specify when you want to go out — whether that's tonight, tomorrow, or next week. And then select, say, "Performing Arts," to help narrow down your search. Presto! Facebook suggests an event based on your location and preferences. There's even a section of pre-selected events that Facebook creates based on all the information it has about you — which is kind of creepy, but also cool. The updated Events feature does more than just match you based on information, it also lets users purchase event tickets in the app, create notifications, and permits you to show your interest in an event without committing to go.

As TechCrunch
points out, Facebook has over 450 million people using its Events feature. It also has more data on its users than almost anyone else. The combination allows Facebook to corner the untapped events-matching market. So if you still haven't made solid New Year's Eve plans, Facebook's got you covered.

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