Talking Barbie Toy Has No Presets For Discussing Feminism

Image: Via Mattel.
Leave it to Barbie to turn a conversation about feminism towards fashion.

The latest version of Mattel's iconic doll doesn't just talk: she talks back. Hello Barbie answers questions, confesses secrets (like her middle name), and calls her human BFF "smart."

But what she doesn't do is hold her own in repartee about the wage gap, Sheryl Sandberg, or whether or not women can have it all.

We know; we know. This isn't a big surprise. She's a toy for kids. She doesn't need to be a walking, talking Gender Studies 101 course.

But it is sort annoying that she responds to thoughtful questions with quips about what to have for breakfast. Apparently, the interior world of Hello Barbie is pretty simple. Watch below.

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