Swahili Cover of "Hello" Will Make You Cry Just As Much As Adele

Photo: REX Shutterstock
Leave it to Adele to transcend language and just go straight to your feels. A Kenyan musician has covered Adele’s hit “Hello,” and the results are pretty stunning.

The cover, by Afropop musician Dela Maranga, keeps the word “hello” in English, but translates the rest of song into Swahili. The rhythm and musicality of the song translate effortlessly, and an emphasis on a little added percussion adds just the right note to keep this version feeling fresh. Maranga's gorgeous voice more than does the song justice. If we cry to her version, will we cry with an accent? (Kleenex, please.)

“Hello,” whic is less than two months old, has already been covered by everyone from marching bands to Miss Piggy. When will the madness end? (Never, please.) But Maranga's version is clearly a standout. Just more proof that weeping to Adele is pretty much a universal pastime.

OPENER IMAGE: Photo: REX Shutterstock.

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