18 Things I Learned Backstage At Jingle Ball

Photographed by Jack Pearce.
Growing up, there was one item that was on my holiday wish list every single year: tickets to Jingle Ball. You know, the mega-concert thrown by Z100 (Tri-state, represent!) and iHeartRadio with big-name headliners you could never imagine in one place. Yep, that one. So when I got the chance to go backstage at last night's Madison Square Garden bash and talk to the acts and presenters as they arrived, I jumped at it.

Posted up, phone in hand, I spent the night snapchatting with celebs as they arrived on the red carpet. I met Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony, and even Dr. Oz. And, okay, maybe I spent a little time wandering off a little to snap some of the lesser-seen images of the night, too. Think: craft services, the control station, and Fetty Wap's throne.

The result? A whole new idea of what it takes to throw one of these annual ragers. Of course, I snapped photos to report back on what I learned. Ahead, peep the pics from Jingle Ball you haven't seen — and can't see anywhere else. Oh, and Selena, call me.

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