Harry Styles Shows His Belly Button, Appears In A Latte, Is Magical

Zayniacs, cover your eyes. This is an unabashed Harry Styles appreciation post.

The first item we have to tackle is this insanely important piece of latte art bearing Harry’s likeness. Latte artist Michael Breach sculpted Harry’s face out of milk foam for Cosmopolitan and we’re dying to get our barista to try it. Breach’s Instagram is full of awesome pics like this one of Jasmine, this one of the crying emoji, and this Karl Lagerfeld.

In other Styles news, a picture appeared featuring Harry’s navel and caused quite a stir. The tweets were almost too many to count, but here are a few highlights.


We know that Zayn was the first one to go solo, but is it possible for Harry to reclaim the hottest-one crown?

Or has it now fallen to Niall since he’s maybe-dating Selena Gomez?

Either way, he’s bounced back from that questionable tattoo and is flying straight into our hearts.


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