Harry Styles Gets Questionable Ink After Losing Tattoo Roulette

James Corden may regret thinking up Tattoo Roulette, but we don't. Last night's Late Late Show saw the host convincing his pals in One Direction to risk their un-marred skin in one of the most daring games we've ever seen on late-night TV.

The rules were simple. If a 1D member lost, he'd have to get "Late Late" tattooed on his body. If Corden lost, he'd have to get a "1D" tat. He may have had better odds, but we think his skin sacrifice would have been far worse, no?

While most of the boys seemed pretty much up for it, Corden looked sick to his stomach at the prospect of having a boy band's name etched into his skin. His anxiety didn't compare to that of poor Niall Horan, the sole One Direction star to not already have a tattoo. The poor guy's hands were shaking as if Zayn had just walked on stage.

Spoiler: Styles was the Christopher Walken of the bunch, much to the jubilation of Corden and Horan. As fellow guest Billy Crystal looked on, he gamely sat for his tat, located on the crook of his left arm, right there in the studio with a James Dean daydream look in his eyes.

Watch the clip below to see the boy squirm.
Video: Courtesy CBS.

OPENER IMAGE: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.

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