Did Kris Jenner Just Confirm The Correct Pronunciation of "Saint" West?

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images.
In the few brief days since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced the name of their second child, Saint West, the world has indulged in an impressive amount of speculation about the choice. Folks have wondered whether Saint West has a middle name. Some claimed that a teen predicted the child's name months ago. Perhaps most importantly, people have been questioning how "Saint" is actually pronounced.

Kris Jenner may have answered one of those questions in an interview with E! News this week. Chatting on camera with Catt Sadler, Jenner didn't correct the reporter when she pronounced "Saint" the English way, rather than the French way, as Bustle noted. Does that mean that "Saint" is pronounced the way we've been saying it all along?

Jenner didn't confirm how the divine monicker ought to be said, but the fact that she didn't correct Sadler — or note without irony that it's actually pronounced "san" — suggests we've been doing phonetic justice to the littlest West. Unless, of course, Kimye is planning a pronunciation reveal of their own. You never know with those two.

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