Hillary Clinton Releases Never-Before-Seen TBT & She Looks Just Like Chelsea

Hillary Clinton has some pretty amazing TBT photos. The presidential candidate has been in the public eye more or less forever, so it’s pretty rare that we see a picture that we haven’t million times before. But today on Instagram, Clinton posted a number that you can text to get an unreleased TBT.

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, text THURSDAY to 47246 for an exclusive, never-before seen #TBT photo of Hillary.

A video posted by Hillary Clinton (@hillaryclinton) on

Spoiler alert: The photo is Clinton as a schoolgirl and we have to say, she looks exactly like Chelsea. Text the number and see for yourself. Clinton’s campaign has been the definition of surefooted thus far, flying just under the radar enough to maintain visibility without generating controversy. There’s this ad highlighting her record promoting her role in fighting for LGBT equality. And her essay in Billboard about women in music was spot-on. She’s also come out in favor of medical marijuana and laughed off Trump’s suggestion that she’s wearing a wig. Is it possible that Hillary is kind of cool? Maybe not, like, Obama cool. But mom cool? We’re open to the possibility.

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