“Rice Ball Babies” Might Be The Cutest Meme Japan Has Ever Created

There are few things in this world as adorable as a baby's face. Except maybe a baby's face being squished together to look like a rice ball. That's pretty freaking adorable, actually! And it's all the rage in Japan.
"Rice ball babies" is the latest meme to take Japan by storm. Comedian Masahiro Ehara started the trend when he posted a series of tweets with him squishing his kids’ faces in the shape of a rice ball back in June.
Naturally, the super-cute photos and videos of his children's "rice ball baby" faces went viral. And now everyone in Japan is posting photos on Twitter with their tots' mugs squished together. Of course, some of the best photos include babies who are throwing some major side-eye at their parents and just not feeling it.
Some people started doing the "rice ball baby" face to themselves and their friends. Because it's so attractive. Unfortunately, it doesn't have quite the same cute effect when adults do it.
Cat and dog faces: also perfectly squishable.
But, ultimately, the babies' squished little faces are the best, right? Just one question: How did the U.S. miss out on this trend for so long? And whose face do you have to squish to join?

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