Kylie Jenner's Controversial Interview Cover Prompts Powerful Response From A Disabled Woman

Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock
It's no surprise that Kylie Jenner's contentious Interview magazine cover is striking a nerve with people. After all, it seems that's what the mag was going for with a picture of the 18-year-old in a one-piece and a wheelchair: attention, be it good or bad.

But none of the responses from the internet uproar has been quite as powerful as the one posted on Thursday by a disabled Tumblr user.

A 24-year-old named Erin posted a side-by-side comparison of Jenner's racy and incendiary cover with her very own take on the picture.

Erin wrote in a caption beneath the photos, "I tried my best to create a more authentic version of Kylie Jenner’s Interview cover, given that I’m, you know, actually disabled and a real life wheelchair user. I can barely get people to make eye contact with me, let alone land a cover shoot. If being in a wheelchair is trendy now, I’ve apparently been a trendsetter since before Kylie was born."

It's exactly the type of message that ought to resonate with Jenner and Interview: using a wheelchair as a fashion prop to raise eyebrows isn't just a display of questionable taste, it actually accentuates an uneven playing field. Women like Erin should be on magazine covers, but aren't often granted that opportunity. Until that changes, the people behind an image like this should have a deeper sense of that fact.

See her striking image and message, below.


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