George Zimmerman Allegedly Tweeted Nude Photos Of His Ex

Photo: Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images.
George Zimmerman can't stay out of trouble.

Zimmerman was acquitted of criminal charges for the 2012 killing of teenager Trayvon Martin, but he's made plenty of headlines in the years since then. This week, it's because Zimmerman's Twitter account was suspended after he allegedly posted semi-nude photos — as well as the phone number and email address — of someone he claims is an ex-girlfriend.

The tweets apparently alleged that this possible ex of Zimmerman had "stolen a gun and cash" from him. Zimmerman also allegedly wrote that the woman, whom he referred to as "Heather," cheated on him "with a dirty Muslim."

According to Twitter's abusive behavior policy, users of the social network "may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject's consent." The photos posted to Zimmerman's account violate this policy, and they may also violate Twitter's ban on "inciting others to harass another user." In addition, Twitter bans users from posting private email addresses and phone numbers without the owner's consent.

Zimmerman has a long history of Twitter trolldom: He retweeted a photo of Martin's body, tweeted out a stranger's phone number and told people to call it for "media inquiries," posts Confederate imagery, and regularly jokes about killing Martin.

The Daily Dot notes that "Heather" could sue Zimmerman for defamation if the claims that she stole from him are false. But The Washington Post notes that Zimmerman likely won't face consequences from Florida's "revenge porn" laws, because the photos only showed the woman topless and don't meet the law's qualifications for "nudity."

Sadly, the tweets aren't even the only news about Zimmerman this week. On Tuesday, a Central Florida appellate court upheld the decision to dismiss his 2012 lawsuit against NBC Universal for libel. The case was dismissed in June 2014, and Zimmerman had appealed the decision.

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