11 Batshit Crazy Pop Culture-Themed Holiday Light Displays

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema.
People are busy these days. And there are only so many times a year when it's perfectly acceptable to turn your entire home into brilliant proof of your artistic talent. Naturally, this means some folks need to multitask — celebrating the holidays AND their favorite music, movies, TV shows, or video games with their elaborate holiday light displays. And when they do, the rest of us get to bask in the delightfully incongruous spectacles they create...as long as we don't have to live next to these people.

A very Slayer Christmas? Hell, yeah! Star Wars battleships to celebrate peace on Earth? Of course! And what's a good family-friendly holiday missive if it's not synced up to LMFAO or Skrillex? We have here a collection of the craziest and borderline inappropriate pop-themed holiday displays of recent years. Chime in if you've got examples from this year to share!

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